Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Friends of Eddie Coyle?

Like the minor hood, Eddie Coyle, of the movie by the same name, Obama is surrounded by "friends" of the most dubious kind who will contribute to his downfall. The reasons for that is simple; they're awful people.

Let’s get one thing clear from the start; I jumped right on to the Obama bandwagon when the notion of his running for president first gained ground. Since then I’ve become more and more convinced his presidency will not only go down as the worst in history, but be remembered for a pattern of choices calculated to damage our nation.

I’ve always had a good sense for people, for character, and believe one can hone their senses for these things because individuals will always give you a sign. Some folks are blinded or easily fooled; I am not. For Barack Obama the signs came early on with his rather lame reasoning for not wearing an American flag lapel pin during campaign. It may have seemed small at the time but it showed me what I needed to know; that he was just another slick politician incapable of simply being truthful about even the simplest things. I would have preferred he say it represented something that wasn’t him. I would have respected his honesty and may have stuck with him longer. I think too many folks want complete agreement or nothing else. The notion of “agreeing to disagree” works for me, it can lead to common ground on more important things. But he lamely skirted what ever his real reasoning by offering instead a Clintonesque “but I didn’t inhale” type of pantomime. And then there was the issue itself; what was he trying to say, what was he signaling and for whom was the signal intended?

Fast forward to now and a definite pattern has emerged.

One thing is true and you cannot get away from it; you’re known by the company you keep and birds of a feather flock together. Simple axioms that they are, there’s no getting around it; they’ve stood the test of time. Let’s look at the people around him - black racists and left wing extremists. 1960’s déjà vu – they’re back!

Obama’s Mentors and role models.

Saul Alinsky – they didn’t come any redder. Fortunately, he can't get any deader. Saul is to liberal progressives what John the Baptist is to Christians.

Frank Marshall Davis - Communist. Let's be fair, why no Nazi's?

Gregory Galluzzo – Alinsky acolyte, schooled Obama in the tactics of Saul Alinsky

Mike Kruglik - Ditto

John McKnight – another socialist "barn burner" and Alinsky adherent, professor at Northwestern University. To quote Obama on their teachings: "the best education I ever had, better than anything I got at Harvard Law School."

Is it any wonder so many young people come out of college so damaged? They are said to be liberal but I have found liberals are anything but.

Bill Ayers and wife Bernadette Dorhn. Both are extremists from the ‘60s and Ayers was a leader in the Weather Underground – think bombs, killing cops and governmental overthrows. Just Google them if you need more.

Eric Holder, star appointee to Attorney General. One need only follow the news to know how bad of a choice Eric is – his latest being a wink, wink, response to voter intimidation by the ultra racist Black Panthers - but let’s credit him here with a declaration to his character, i.e. his work on behalf of former Pres. Bill Clinton on getting sleezy character by the name of Marc Rich a pardon. Rich is not his real name, he camouflaged for what ever reasons, his European-Jewish ancestry with a name change from Reich or some such. Rich was indicted in the United States on federal charges of illegally making oil deals with Iran during the Iran hostage crisis and tax evasion. Perhaps we’ve become jaded and simply do not expect much anymore in the way of values, decency, and self respect. Ask yourself this: would a stand up guy accept such a task or say, “You know Bill, I’d rather not dirty my hands”.

During the last days of the Nixon administration Bill Weld refused to dirty his hands and carry out some very dubious tasks like keep folks away from his files, go after enemies, etc. Should we get Eric a safety collar? For those who remember Bill said "no, fire me if you have to or I'll just resign". Following that Dick's house of cards really tumbled. It seems being Attorney General of the United States is an influential and important job requiring seasoned individuals of the highest quality and integrity. Poor confused, biased, and sleazy Eric Holder.
Bill Weld, a great former governor and a stand up guy.

While Holder may seem like just another one of Obama’s useful idiots he is not. He’s a dangerous and useful idiot and has demonstrated this many times. Sure, he’s sensitive to the issues of radical Muslims but, as the legal spear point to Obama’s abuses of power such as threatening the constitutional rights and the legitimate activities of his enemies like Fox news, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or the State of Arizona Eric is just fine.

Van Jones; look him up, you’ll gag but he fits like a puzzle piece with the Obama’s lame reaction to voter intimidation by New Black Panther Party members. Actions speak volumes - he's flooding the system with dangerous people and enabling some very bad organizations. Is it just plain odd or is a pattern emerging here? Extreme left nut cases and black racists are more high profile and active than ever since Obama’s election. This isn’t paranoia, it simply is.

This is what I see: Obama is a Trojan horse committed to destroying the country; everyone in his cloud layer like his “former” pastor of 20 years historically hate our country, hate white people – listen to the New Black Panther party rants on this not me. He’s destroying the economy – no one is this stupid, he’s elevating people with left wing bias into important positions when he pledged diversity and a broad constituency. Well, he has back pedaled on a lot so this is consistent. He’s broadening the reach of government into the life of the individual in subtle and insidious ways like health care. Here’s a page from Massachusetts where such intrusions are well underway. I went to file my taxes here where I live in Massachusetts “The Nanny State” and was told I could not without proof of healthcare. What does one have to do with the other? Nothing.

George Orwell’s vision -1984 is coming and the liberal left is bringing it. Beware of Obamas bearing gifts.